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This is it. Character web of Romeo and Juliet in the end (only the main guys though).
❤ = love
X = dead
>:( = hated
:) = friends

Montague -o-o- Capulets
RomeoX <—( ❤ )—> JulietX
PairsX —( ❤ )—> JulietX
TybaltX —( >:( )—> RomeoX
Friar Laurence —( :) )—> RomeoX
Friar Laurence —( :) )—> JulietX
spreadingred sent: Any chance you have more pixel projects coming up?

Yes, actually! Lots more! So far I’ve only finished one, but here it is + a WIP! 

I actually managed to draw myself without it looking too bad. But, yeah; of course, I’m more tanned than that, have a “bit” of acne, my eyes are darker, glasses are black, teeth not aligned like that (though the braces are pretty spot-on), my hair is a little less parted (though my hairline is still like zigzags), I have eyebrows, and a scab due to a scrape (don’t ask how it happened).