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    the gang runs for office 

    for the ‘future’

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  • Minor edits done on Sebastian’s part; he no longer has loki hair. So yeah…

  • Dakoda is given telepathy stitches by Sebastian. Problem? He can hear the other two as well!

    Light lavender? = Sebastian

    Gray-green = Dokoda

    Bold & gold = Aphrodite

    Underline & light gray-green = Athena

  • The blind man with stitched lips is Sebastian. He communicates with doodles or just writing, and is an expert on magic. He ends up dating Dakoda, they’re p cute.

  • Marvel version Dakoda

  • Dakoda was a failed experiment. She was originally a success; a cat-human hybrid. Then, the scientist (who went nutso just before) decided to try and splice her again. He wanted to give her wings on her back, but her arms lengthened (along with the hands, which lengthened drastically) and sprouted feathers. Her fingers (yes, she had a furry human hand) connected and in a short time she had fully grown wings. The scientist decided to just release her into the wild. Of course, she had to find a dwelling while she got used to her wings, right? Right. So, she found an underground lake and lived there until she could actually fly.

    Then she went back into the city, and was able to live off of mice. Hunting was much more difficult, of course; as were other activities, but she figured life out pretty well. She didn’t want to live in an apartment or such because the cat and bird parts of her refuse to be cooped up. Also because of her fur and feathers. So yeah, there’s that.

    One of the biggest pains of her splicing is that she has two extra voices in her head. She’s the human voice; the cat and bird can only be heard by others if they try to read her mind. The cat is usually ticked, the bird is usually joyous, and she’s… more ranging. Thankfully, she’s the only one in control of her mouth and body.

    As for her personality, she’s outgoing. She refuses to half-ass her tasks, and enjoys helping others. She tries to listen, she really does, but sometimes can hear past the cat and bird; this is why she requests important things to be in writing as well.

    Dakoda is at times a Marvel fan character and at other times just one of my typical OCs. When she’s used as a Marvel fan char, she’s with the Avengers.

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