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Not The Only One (DTMG fanfic (WIP))

In this fanfic, I’ve made five OCs. Four are ghosts. One is the person who has to deal with them are. There will be some of my OCs crushing on canon characters (mostly Python), however there will be no OCXCanon pairings. So, y’know. 

Maxemillion Vandez: Crush on Katherin Plythe. Cares greatly about others. Huge scardycat. Heterosexual. Black hair.

"Python" Jonathan Clarince: Jerkface and gothic in the beginning. Loves horror. Hides his feelings. Likes just about everybody. Pansexual. Dyed black hair; very raggety (used to be strawberry blonde).

Elvadera Hexxon: Fashionista. Helps Katherin with her makeup and did the highlights in her hair. Unknown sexuality, possibly homosexual. Who knows. Red head, with freckles.

Damian Plythe: Katherin’s grandpa. Not easily scared. Was a teacher; he helps Katherin with homework somethimes. Heterosexual (though it isn’t shown in the story). Platinum blonde.

Katherin Plythe: Granddaughter of Damian Plythe. Guitar player and sketcher. Heterosexual. Chesnut brown hair with blonde (they look gold) highlights.

My account if Left-RightTurn, and right now I have one published work (unfinished) and two works in progress.

This is the published work; just Randicon shorts.

One of the other two is Ectofeature, which might not even be published.

(Been some time since I posted anything on here! ^^)